Best Religious Funeral Songs For Mom

Best Funeral Songs for Mom

Best Religious Funeral Songs For Mom: Here is a selected best and most popular Christian songs for funerals, it’s advised when meeting with the funeral director during the Mom’s service arrangements, Check all the details. You’ve got all the flowers picked out, the pallbearers lined up, and have even selected the menu for the catering.

The funeral director will ask you for the Music playlist, What songs do you have in mind?” at this point many songs will come to your mind base on your mom’s favorite music, But we have a comprehensive list featuring 10 of the best, most beautiful funeral songs for your mother.

The songs featured on this list are appropriate for a funeral.

Best Religious Funeral Songs For Mom

Here is a Christian hymn, we hope that you will find the perfect song for Mom’s funeral or find some inspiration in the list below.

1. “Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton

“Broken Halos” is a beautiful Christian funeral song that remind us that angels cannot stay with us forever.

2. “Amazing Grace” by Alan Jackson

“Amazing Grace” is one of the more recognizable funeral songs, and it can be a great pick,

3. “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” by Justin Moore

In “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” The song ends with, “Losing them wouldn’t be so hard to take / If heaven wasn’t so far away”

4. “Heaven’s Now My Home” by Libby Allen

“Heaven’s Now My Home” is sung from the perspective of someone who has passed away, The song starts with the lines, “I am sorry that I left you / I know you feel alone / God told me that He needed me / He called me to come home.”

5. “How Great Thou Art” by Alan Jackson

Another Christian funeral song by a country music star, ” He sings, “When Christ shall come / With shouts of adulation / And take me home / What joy shall fill my heart / Then I shall bow / In humble adoration.

6. “When I’m Gone” by Joey+Rory

“When I’m Gone” is about the hard times that almost everyone experiences after losing a loved one, The funeral song ends with, “And even though you love me still / You will know where you belong / Just give it time, we’ll both be fine / When I’m gone.”

7. “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley

Country music star, Brad Paisley, sings “When I Get Where I’m Going” about what Heaven will be like. can bring comfort during a funeral: “When I get where I’m going / There’ll be only happy tears / I will shed the sins and struggles / I have carried all these years.

8. “Stand” by Pastor Donnie McClurkin

While not specifically focused on death or heaven, “Stand” talks about letting the Lord help you through difficult times,

9. “Knowing What I Know About Heaven” by Guy Penrod & Sarah Darling

When Sarah Darling shared the Christian song on her Facebook page, she wrote, ‘”Knowing What I Know About Heaven”

10. “If Heaven” by Andy Griggs

The song “If Heaven” by Andy Griggs focuses on the beauty of Heaven.