Biography Profile: Charles Charamba (Zimbabwean Gospel Musician)

Zimbabwean gospel musician

Biography Profile: Charles Charamba Bio, Height, Age, Family: Charles Charamba is a Zimbabwean gospel musician and a former pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Zimbabwe. He has since started his church. Charamba’s albums have been the top selling gospel music in Zimbabwe since the early 2000s.

Charles Charamba Bio

Born: 27 April 1971
Full name: Charles Charamba
Nickname: Charles
Age: 49 years
Religion: Christianity
Husband/Spouse Name: Idaishe Olivia Charamba (m. 1997)
Children: Tagamuchira Loyalty Charamba, +MORE
Social Media Profiles:
Education: Living Waters Bible College in Tynwald, Harare.

Facts About Charles Charamba

Charamba was born in Mudzi District, which is now in Mashonaland East Province. He attended Masarakufa Primary School and Masarakufa Secondary School in Mudzi, completing his O-Levels. In 1998, Charamba began his studies at the Living Waters Bible College in Tynwald, Harare, where he received his bachelor’s degree in theology. Well after his rise to gospel music stardom, he returned to college and in 2011 received a “National Certificate in Music” from the Zimbabwe College of Music. In 2013, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in jazz from Africa University.

In August 2004, Charamba along with his banker Sebastian Mupa at the Agricultural Development Bank of Zimbabwe (Agribank) were charged with fraud in the execution of a $40 million loan, bail was eventually set at $1 million. However, after further investigation the charges were dropped.

Charamba’s gospel music contains elements of sungura, jazz and jit. It can be laid back, or vivid with traditional beats such as mbakumba and mhande.

Originally Charamba recorded on the Gramma Label. But after gaining sufficient capital, he built his own studio and began putting his albums out under his own label “Fishers of Men”.


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