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Robert W. “Bob” Gore Funeral, Obituary, Service, Notices, Death: Robert W. “Bob” Gore  Passed away on September, 2020, You can send your sympathy in the comment provided and share it with the family.

  • Died: September 17, 2020
  • Details of death:Died in Maryland after a long illness at the age of 83.

Robert W. “Bob” Gore was the former president and chairman of W.L. Gore & Associates, best known for inventing Gore-Tex fabric.

W.L. Gore & Associates was founded by Gore’s father, Bill, who had worked for DuPont prior to starting his business. Gore began contributing while he was still in college, making a suggestion that led to a breakthrough in the development of an insulated wire that he patented as Multi-Tet cable. Gore joined the family business as a research associate after receiving his Ph.D. in chemical engineering. In 1969, he was working on a process for creating pipe thread tape when he accidentally created a fabric that was both porous and waterproof. Recognizing the great usefulness of this breathable and weatherproof material, he trademarked it as Gore-Tex, and it became a popular fabric for outdoor gear. Gore-Tex has also been invaluable in medical applications as a material for burn bandages and in vascular grafts. In later years, Gore led the company, and he was a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

The Family, friends, and loved ones in total Shock at Robert W. “Bob” Gore  Death causing so much heartbreak to the beloved family. Your Prayers are needed for the family & loved ones of the deceased for the great loss, we are yet to observed the deceased obituary.

Robert W. “Bob” Gore Funeral

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