Gunnel Werner Funeral

Gunnel Werner Funeral

Gunnel Werner Funeral, Obituary, Service, Notices, DeathGunnel Werner was pronounced dead in a tweet made on the 22nd of July 2020 by Mister-Guy (Magnus Lundin) (@magnuslundinHV).

  • Died: Tuesday July 22, 2020
  • Details of death: Not Confirmed

Gunnel Werner passed away yesterday at the age of 78, she was one of Europe`s bigger voices for the culture`s questions, among her achievement was her part of starting up SVT`s channel Kunskapskanalen

The Family, friends and loved ones in total Shock at Gunnel Werner Death causing so much heartbreak to the beloved family. Your Prayers are need for the family & loved ones of the deceased for the great loss, we are yet to observed the deceased obituary.

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