Haka Dance Funeral Haka

Haka Dance Funeral Haka (American Reaction)

Haka Dance Funeral Haka (American Reaction): Haka, The Dance of War, Is Performed at Weddings, Funerals.

One of the most dramatic examples of how we use body language is the traditional Māori performing art called the Kapa Haka. It’s a dance that uses all parts of the body — the hands, arms, feet, voice, eyes and even the tongue — to express a range of emotions.


The term comes from to the words “kapa”, which means to form a line, and “haka”, which means dance.

The All Black’s aren’t the only team to start off competition with the “Ka mate, Ka mate.” The tradition dates back to 1888, when it was first used by the New Zealand Native team.

To honour a guest:

At a wedding:

At a funeral:

In solidarity: