There are different traditions/customs for a particular group of people. During memorial service music played or songs that is being sung are mostly done by the choir. I can remember vividly that during my father’s service of song, there was no choir or any person to sing, we just sang hymns and praises but during the burial proper the choir performed the hymns while a gospel artist was also there to perform.

Music generally is always healing to the soul, music brings about memories, it aids in the sober reflection of one’s life but during funerals, not just all songs are played, there is certain music that played during this time such as Amazing grace only remembered by what we have done, what a wonderful world, traditional music is also good but has since reduced in recent funerals.


Most times, music played during memorial service is just learning a message to we that are still here on earth, reminding us that we are visitors, we are dust and to dust we shall return, it’s more leaving a message 9a thoughtful one) for us. In some places especially African countries, these are hymns or songs performed by some groups that the deceased belonged to. You can as well speak to the religious leaders if there are some certain adjustments needed to be made on the type of song/music you want to be played.

Here are some tips on how to choose a good song:

  • You could hire a musician or band or family member to sing some songs chosen and acceptable by you and your other family members during the funeral. First, tell the whole family about the kind of genre of music that you want to be played during the memorial service, this will help to avoid confusion and also get the service you want to have. If you did love the live band to be a part of the service, then you can hire a band, soloist or artist that plays the kind of song you want and also help to give the memorial service it’s glamour.
  • Plead with people to help choose good music: If you are a member of a church/community that has choir/age grade and ships like that. You can also ask the members of the choir to perform some certain songs at the funeral. Many at times choirs have repertoires of songs that they perform at the different events depending on what the function is all about. so you could meet up with the choirmaster/director earlier in order to choose songs that you have prepared them to perform.
  • Also include music that the deceased enjoyed: A funeral or memorial service is a way of celebrating a life well-lived. It is very essential to play the music that reflects the being or personality of the deceased. It can be a heartfelt way to pay tribute to their lives.