Planning an event has never been an easy one, a lot of things have to be done to get your customer’s taste and also please a lot of persons. This becomes tougher when the deceased is loved by all, a lot of needs will be met just to make sure the funeral ends up being successful.

Before you start planning for an event like funeral you have to be conversant with it or at least ask people that are experienced in such. There are three major things needed to be done which include:

  1. Preparing the corpse
  2. Holding the ceremony
  3. And handling the interment

First, you have to think things over, talk to family and friends as to what type of funeral you want to be organized, memorial service would you want? Do you want it big or small? What amount of money are you ready to spend and then you begin to put things down on a list, list of invitees, list of things/goodies to purchase, how each or stipulated amount each may cost, you could even go for window shopping as to determine the number of things in order not to make assumptions.

  • Also consider joining or starting up memorial society or group: There are some organizations that are beneficial such as this. They are non-profit organizations, most of them help in negotiating discounts at the local funeral homes at discounts and some also help out with bills during the burials of a loved one in their organizations.
  • Plans should be made as to the transportations of the deceased from the place of death to the mortuary and then how the body will be carried from the mortuary to the funeral home or other facility. But you have to first ensure where the deceased would be buried, if the person would be buried in his compound, in deceased father’s compound or in a cemetery. If it is a cemetery, then the officials of the cemetery have to be met and arrangements have to be made.
  • The order of Service: This particular aspect involves the help of other members of the family, there should be photographs taken, memories made. Most funerals are also led by a religious minister to appreciate the funeral service of your loved ones which include hymn singing, reading of scriptures, reading of tribute. If your loved one did not regularly attend a place of worship, but you did like faith to be part of the funeral service, then you could meet with religious ministers in your church or meet with funeral planning service to come up with their local minister of faith.