Life is meaningless so is obituary if not made memorable and unforgettable. An obituary in the pages of a book filled with memories well lived. Most obituaries in this 21st century are posted online mostly but we forget that it could go down the drain in no time, so the best place to indulge all those stories is in an obituary.

How do we then pen down an unforgettable life well lived on papers?

  • Start with a phrase or poem that will be used to define the kind of person he/she was, the personality the person had and the character they always displayed e.g. just like the cock crows in the morning, that’s how your sweet voice echoes in my ears or rather, you call be darkness I accepted but never knew that you were the moon amidst my night. Then you could then announce the details of the death of the deceased, when, where, what and how he/she died and then you move to their biography, how and where they were born, everything/everyone that has ended once had a beginning, so you need to recall where the person’s life started and you need the help of other members of the family in order to get the right information.

Then you move over to their favorite places, where they had their best memories, favorite food, music, photos, whom or what they loved the most. Their memorable moments. Write who loved him/her and why they loved him/her everyone had who they loved at very point in their life. That special that they are ready to listen to, cross oceans for. For some, it was their spouse, children, best friend that in most cases it’s their mother. Summarize the loved ones in a few words. Stating why the deceased treasured that relationship the most. The deceased most joyful and painful moments can be stated as well, a poem or song they loved the most can be penned down as well.

  • As you write all these above-mentioned details add some emotions and with a touch of humor.
  • Teach the readers something about death: Unforgettable obituaries are usually written from the depth of the heart with eyes filled with tears, share what the deceased thought about death generally. His/her ravel about dying because with this you did give a greater sense of satisfaction
  • The memorial service arrangements: Where and when the memorial services would be held, call for support from families, support or other special arrangement and then tributes from families and friends.
  • Read again for error removal: Preview what you have written yourself or given to another person to review for removal of errors and conveyance of unforgettable obituaries.