Sometimes when we humans think of death, our heart skips but then it is good to do so because it’s a reasonable and thoughtful way of reflecting on your life like in a mirror, recalling your favorite things; places, sayings, and quotes, places and learning to say goodbye either now or in future.


  1. Make a Choice of What Your Obituary Should Look Like: Since it’s your obituary that you are pending down, then writings should be able to predict your personality and being, whether introvert or extrovert, either reserved or wild. Let your writings be able to depict the character/personality of you. You set the pages rolling since you are the storyteller.
  2. Be Cheerful, Grateful: Not all obituary has to be sober reflected/solemn, sometimes a sense of humor is also added to ease the pain of the heart, to add flavor to the painful obituary and it most times gives laughter for your grieving loved ones, it acts as a break from the norm. Also, show your heartfelt appreciation to those you helped you through the journey of life or probably people/stories that might have inspired your leaving. Be grateful for the hard times, good times and true people that stick throughout those times.

Encouraging and life-changing and educative, our life especially when written down as obituary should be able to transform lives, change destines and inspire people. Share the obstacles you faced, the giants you fought, the times you were knocked and how you overcame through it all. then also share the tips of the knowledge you have acquired so far in life as well, the educational tips that can help in the growth of another person when read.

  1. Biography: This is the most important aspect of the obituary because you can’t start educating, encouraging and appreciating us if you don’t let us know who you are, where you from, jobs and educational qualifications acquired, how old you are and other things about you.
  2. Your Unforgettable Moments and accomplishment: What are those moments that keeps playing at the corner of your mind, those vacations, new friends made, a place you went to, things you did for the first time. You could share all those moments in the obituary. What are those achievements you have made so far, moving from one level to another in life, those awards; honors and recognition being given to you. All these are included in your obituary writing. After you have written your obituary, some should read them as well for errors removal and conveyance purposes,