Sermons: Robert Morris – Resist the Enemy

2021 Online Sermons: Robert Morris – Resist the Enemy, So, we’re in a series called The Seven Churches of Revelation, and this week is the fourth church, with the title Resist the Enemy. This is the church at Thyatira. Thyatira was the smallest of the seven cities, yet they received the longest letter, much of which was bad. So, they had a lot of nice things going on, but this is a famous letter because he’s going to address the Jezebel spirit to this, the smallest one, in this letter.

It’s been fascinating to me to study the salutation of each letter in that, for example, Smyrna boasted about being a city that was dead and came back to life, and Jesus begins with, No, I was dead and came back to life.

You know, I’m the genuine one who came back to life, and then Pergamum boasted that they carried the sword, and Jesus begins by saying, by the way, my sword is bigger than yours. I do, in fact, wield the blade. So, why am I saying that? What did Thyatira brag about?

Lord, I pray that you’ll speak to all of us, everyone online, every campus. I pray, God, that you’ll speak to every person here. Whatever area where we’re being attacked by the enemy, that we will submit to you, and we will resist the enemy, in Jesus’ name, amen.