Shere Hite Funeral

Shere Hite


Shere Hite  Funeral, Obituary, Service, Notices, Death: Shere Hite   Passed away on September, 2020, You can send your sympathy in the comment provided and share it with the family.

  • Died: September 9, 2020
  • Details of death: Died at her home in London of corticobasal degeneration at the age of 77.

Shere Hite was a sex educator and feminist who issued the groundbreaking Hite Reports that explored human sexuality and focused on women’s experiences.

Hite broke new ground by asking women about their sex lives with and without partners and discussing the importance of female masturbation and clitoral orgasm. “Researchers should stop telling women what they should feel sexually and start asking them what they do feel sexually.” —from Hite’s writings

The Family, friends, and loved ones in total Shock at Shere Hite   Death causing so much heartbreak to the beloved family. Your Prayers are needed for the family & loved ones of the deceased for the great loss, we are yet to observed the deceased obituary.

Shere Hite  Funeral

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