Unity Funeral Home Contact and Address

Unity Funeral Home

Unity Funeral Home provides interment and funeral services for the dead and their families. The services includes a prepared wake and funeral with the provision of a chapel for the funeral.

Unity Funeral Services has more than 40 years of combined funeral services experience, Unity Funeral Home staff members currently hold licenses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

They also have ministers, transportation specialists who provides domestic and international shipping of human remains, musicians, a professional events planner, and a clinical psychologist.

Unity Funeral Home Contact and Address

Unity Chapel at Cliffdale
1037 71st School Road
Fayetteville, NC 28314
Tel: 1-910-864-0001

Ask about additional facilities in Raleigh and Durham

Corporate Office:
Unity Funeral Services, Inc.
594 S. Reilly Road, Suite 106
Fayetteville, NC 28314

(910) 860-3900 Fayetteville

(919) 212-4200 Raleigh

(910) 860-2343 – Fax

Se habla Español:
(910) 551-1537