Death doesn’t come knocking at door especially when someone you just met, spoke to over the phone or a loved one who you argued with and what not just gives up his/her ghost. Some death is expected though like when someone has been diagnosed of some ailment and it’s given few days or months to live but miracles do happen though or an old person who has lived very long, the death of such a person won’t really come as a shock because everyone close to the person must have been preparing for it.

There are some measures, procedures when someone suddenly dies, most at times as human we are, we become confused, grief sets in and we don’t what to do, whom to call or where to go. Here are some tips to take to practice when such occurs:

  1. If someone unknowingly dies at home: it is always advisable to have a doctor’s number at every point in time in case something of this such occurs. An owner who’s a doctor or lawyer in charge of investigating unexpected deaths is called and the death is reported to them. They are not only called for death that occurred now but for post-mortems or inquisition about the cause of death as well. This particular operation or investigation may take a long while and the funeral will be delayed in turn.
  2. If the Deceased Died Overseas: then the death is to be registered following the regulations of the country. Register it with the British council in the country too (optional though) this is done in order to acquire a death certificate consulate and for future purposes can be kept in the UK as well.
  3. And if the person dies in the hospital, then the hospital center where the death occurred will issue a medical certificate stating the time of death and other necessary information of the deceased and a formal notice inclusive. They will support you with the other necessary steps to take. Generally, the corpse is deposited and is washed in the hospital mortuary until the funeral is arranged and the body is ready to be laid to rest.

Then this point you can now call the family and friends of the deceased to inform them of the situation at hand. The burial/funeral preparations have to begin, ask for help for obituary preparations, if the person belonged toa military, religious or fraternal groups, clubs or a particular organization then you have to contact them as well.

  • You must have obtained the death certificate most times, it is gotten from the hospital, get as many copies as possible because it might be demanded of you.
  • then the person will (if any) assets and belonging, you necessarily need a lawyer even though the lawyer is there to fasten the procedures.