A casket is a coffin or a box in which the body of a dead person is buried. In Nigeria, during some funeral traditions, it demands that the mourners would see the deceased in the casket before burying the person in the ground.


Tools used for making casket is used in order to preserve a body forever. It is available in plywood covered with cloth, plywood covered in hardwood, high-density wooden fiberboard painted with a wood === 16-Guage-gauge steel, solid, wood: mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, oak, poplar, or pine, solid copper or bronze. They also available in bamboo, willow, woven banana leaf, pressed cardboards among others.

Common features of the casket include:

  • Half or Full Couch: Half when the lid comes in two pieces and then full when the lid comes in one piece. In case of the mourners viewing the deceased in a casket either the upper part (half couch) is open or the lower couch is open.
  • Interior liners/Fabric lining of the inside of the casket which may be done with punctured…resistant and leak. people and generally made of polyester, velvet or satin.
  • Internal lift hardware will till the inside of the casket up so that during the viewing of the body so as to be viewed at an angle.
  • Exterior features, such as handles or ornamentation
  • Memory tube which is a small glass lube that scenes into the casket. If something untold should happen to the casket (like in the ground is to unearthed, dislodged) with memory tube the deceased could easily be known without having to exhort the remains.
  • Embroidered interiors of the caskets known as commemorative panels.

Many coffins or caskets also have a rubber (seals) which ensures air-tight seal between the body and lid of the casket. A casket that is hermetically sealed increases the rate of body decomposition.

The main purpose of a casket is to maintain the body during transportation and burial. It is very brilliant for a producer of casket/seller of casket will preserve or keep a body intact forever.

NB: When I referred to a casket by air-tight I meant its ability to protect the body from the water and other liquid or gaseous molecules.

And no matter how carefully caved or expensive a casket is insect attack on the casket especially (termite attack).