A poem once said a simple flower, that’s all it shall take. For another social, to smile and wake. Just like a river, it flows down one way. When shall it return, I dream of that day. When this miracle happens, my due rose shall grow. On fields of cement, covered in snow. Generally speaking, flowers are used to express love, show appreciation and used in burial as well as the sober/solemn reflection which depicts the type and meaning of the relationship you shared in the deceased.

In most countries especially the United States, Asian countries flower is a very important aspect of the funeral rites. A range of sentiments is determinant on the bloom type so does the choice of flower reflect one’s feelings of grief and loss. During condolences to a loved one or colleagues in the office. Sending the appropriate flower type is necessary and it differs from one culture and religion to another. For example, when attending a Buddhist funeral, offering while flowers are accepted a good gesture but the red flowers are said to be bad luck and hence should be avoided.

Here are some list of flowers for a funeral

  • Lilies: Lilies one of the most popular, if not the best flower of funerals because it is the restoration of departed innocent souls. The sub-breed thrown as stargazer lily is the most preferred funeral floral choice.
  • Carnations: Carnations flowers come in two colors, the pink and white. the pink denotes remembrance of the deceased and the white one represents love filled with purity. They used commonly for funerals because they tarry for a long time.
  • Gladioli: are generally known for their tallness, they are made up of stem with a different collection of flowers. Gladioli, when used for condolences, signifies the sincerity of character, denotes integrity and strength.
  • Chrysanthemums: This particular flower shows signs of grief and loss. In most European countries such as Spain, France, Poland, Hungary are solely for funerals. Then in some parts of the United States, they symbolize truth, honesty and of conveys a cheerful tribute.

How would I mention all these flowers, leaving out the most common/popular of all flowers which are the Rose flower? The rose flower comes in four different colors which include the white, red, pink, dark brimstone and yellow. The white color shows meekness and innocence of the deceased, red is a sign of love, peace and respect to the deceased, pink shows more of a heart of gratitude while yellow is a sign of stronghold with the deceased as well. So the rose is a generally accepted flower.