Generally speaking, there’s always confusion, within the family/loved ones of the deceased as to whom and whom not to include in the deceased obituary.

There would be many controversies as to whom to include in survivors shot in the published obituary. previous years ago, obituary names listed were just the blood relatives and the next of kin only. But in recent years, anything goes and everyone wants their names to be in a published obituary of a friend maybe for political reasons or for doing a thing or the other. I have seen obituaries of a child whereby it was written that the child was survived by 2 mothers and 2 fathers sometimes this due to divorce while other times it is due to a gay marriage and all these stiffs happen in the obituaries of the recent years.

Obituaries that contains sometimes though, names of long life friend of the deceased, loved one who is not related by blood to the deceased but by given cares, travelers, colleagues in the workplace, neighbors at the harbored at home and when pets. It is generally accepted that children and wife(ves) of a deceased be included as well as the spouse of the children if the grown and their grandchildren (if any) but most times they are written in parenthesis.

Just times writing an obituary alone can cause confusion, jealousy and as such it is very hard to pin down without a family member guiding you because you might omit a name e.g. thou might omit the name of the sister-in-law and her husband in the obituary writing and it might bring about necessary quarrel.

Names of clubs, groups, and associations the deceased belonged to are also advised to be mentioned. In the recent year obituaries, I bumped into a few days ago I saw the name of the girl’s proposed husband to be written as a boyfriend because he has not engaged her and then also she bore a child out of wedlock for another man who was her ex and a funny enough heir ex was also in the obituary as the father of her child. It is always advisable to always write down final wishes in order not to create guesswork while your loved ones are writing your obituary because if you don’t say the final wishes then it would be too rare to ask. And also when we sit together to have enjoyed the moment and create memories, it is advised to discuss stuff like this especially whom to include so your obituary wouldn’t end up being a mess.