Creflo Dollar: How to Experience the Love of God

Creflo Dollar delivers his sermon titled “How to Experience the Love of God

One of the most powerful aspects of a personal relationship with God is our faith in His love for us. We must be careful not to get too deep when we relate to God; His love is simple, straightforward, and unconditional, and when we believe in it, miracles start breaking out. When we know God from firsthand experience, we are empowered to do things beyond our natural capabilities.

This includes loving people when they do unlovable things and forgiving them even when they hurt us. God is love; experiencing Him is guaranteed to transform us in ways that rule-keeping or self-effort cannot. He heals any issues in our lives and turns brokenness into wholeness. Once we encounter His goodness, we will never be the same.

This is a message you will appreciate.

Watch and learn from Pastor Creflo Dollar ‘ sermon “How to Experience the Love of God,” and remember that we offer you the most recent teachings from Pastors all over the world.

Podcast” Credit: Changing Your World Podcast

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