Creflo Dollar: The Power of God’s Presence

Creflo Dollar delivers his sermon titled “The Power of God’s Presence

The journey called life can take many twists and turns. Most people try to navigate through it on their own; however, walking the path with God gives us a level of success that the world will never experience. We cannot succeed or be happy without God; we therefore need to actively seek out His presence and constantly remain in it. One of the ways we become aware of Him being present in our lives is by a shift in mindset, from thinking about our sins to thinking about our righteousness in Christ.

Another way is to study God’s Word daily, which keeps us in constant contact with Him. The benefits are multiple, and include strength, joy, peace, and godly wisdom. Knowing Jesus is knowing God, Himself; pursuing a relationship with Him gives us everything we need.

This is a message you will appreciate.

Watch and learn from Pastor Creflo Dollar ‘ sermon “The Power of God’s Presence,” and remember that we offer you the most recent teachings from Pastors all over the world.

Podcast” Credit: Changing Your World Podcast

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