Carl Girouard:Sword Attacks

Sword Attacks

Carl Girouard is the 24-year-old Montreal man who has been identified as the suspect in random sword attacks in Quebec City, Canada, that left two dead and at least five injured on Halloween night, Le Journal de Quebec reports.

Police said at a press conference the suspect was dressed in medieval clothing and was armed with a Japanese-style katana sword. Some witnesses described the suspect as being disguised as a samurai, according the CBC. According to police, the attack was premeditated, but the victims were picked at random.

The victims in the attacks have been identified as 56-year-old Francois Duchesne and 61-year-old Suzanne Clermont, police said on Twitter. Authorities said the seven victims were all residents of Quebec City and include two French nationals who have lived in Canada for several years.

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