Creflo Dollar: How to Hear From God

Creflo Dollar delivers his sermon titled “How to Hear From God

The world is not accustomed to the idea of hearing from God; however, as Christians we have a blood-bought right to hear from Him. Getting directions from Him enables us to make wise decisions and avoid traps that others fall into. Hearing Him clearly and distinctly can literally save our lives. God is always talking to us; our job is to deliberately and intentionally screen out all distractions and listen for His voice.

He speaks to us about everyday situations and gives us clear and concise information; there is never any uncertainty or guessing when we hear from Him. God wants to speak into our lives, guide us, and tell us His will concerning us. Developing a relationship with Him so that we can hear what He says allows Him to rescue and deliver us, and make our lives a powerful witness to others.

This is a message you will appreciate.

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Podcast” Credit: Changing Your World Podcast

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