El Dany Funeral

El Dany Funeral

El Dany Funeral, Memorial, Service, Death, Obituary:  Daniel Muñoz Borrego was Cuban urban reggaeton artist, known as El Dany and one half of Cuban urban duo Yomil y El Dany, died Saturday morning (July 18).

  • Died: July 18, 2020, Havana, Cuba
  • Details of death: Heart attack.

El Dany Bio

  • Born: January 6, 1989, Havana, Cuba
  • Real Name: Roberto Hidalgo Puentes
  • Died: July 18, 2020, Havana, Cuba
  • Albums : Son Mucha Cosas , Play to Going
  • Record labels : Urban Latin Records , City Record

Sources confirm that he died at a hospital in Havana, He was 31 years old. El Dany studied medicine before his music career, he teamed up with Yomil in his early stages of his music, and they had moderate success as a reggaeton/urban duo for more than three years before separating and pursuing uneventful solo careers.

The information from Cubandirectory.info says he suffered a heart attack. it was recorded that joined Roberto Hidalgo (Yomil) in 2009 to form DpuntoD, a project that ended two years later, He was also nominated for a Billboard Latin Music Award in 2017.


  • Past Last (Remix) · 2019
  • Cosita Rica Cosita Rica · 2019
  • I’ll find you Doping · 2015
  • Rikaperry Rikaperry · 2015
  • Chona 2018
  • We are Pa ‘To’ We’re Pa ‘To’ · 2015
  • What harm it was to love you Ambidextrous · 2017
  • The Bombazo The bombing · 2019
  • How do I download you Doping · 2015
  • I know it Ambidextrous · 2017
  • Winning Libertad 548 · 2019
  • Pour me water Ambidextrous · 2017

El Dany Funeral

“I think it’s a lie. And to think that we talked a few days ago and recorded a beautiful song (…). Your music stayed forever and we will never forget you,” wrote Cuban musician Baby Lores on his Instagram account.

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