Death of a loved one can be very painful, devastating, it stings so hard, it is always as if we have been hit with a knife at the center of heart but then it is not the end of the world. One has to learn to pull one’s self together at painful times like this to avoid going into mental problems and even death.

Anne Frank once said that we shouldn’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that remains. In a day there’s morning and night, we have to learn to enjoy the morning and its sun to the fullest, so that when nights come knocking we could still see that tiny droplet of light. The night might be very long and frustrating but also learn to await the next morning with joy and experience from the past.

there are desperate measures one needs to take in order to move on in life, to start afresh and to reach others who have such loss

  • You Need to Feel the Emotional Trauma: To be pained because of the death of a loved one is very normal because it means you won’t see them, hear their voice nor feel them ever again. But the only difference and questions that arise by a concerned person are till when will the grieving stop. For how long will the pain of a loss stop affecting your everyday living. Remember there’sno limit to grieve but there’s limit prolonged suffering.
  • It Affects our Choice: Loss often starts affecting our choice of leaving, we start becoming refrained from meeting with other persons, slowly unknowingly or sometimes knowingly the loss begins to define us and that is what we need to destroy and forge ahead, the loss of a loved one shouldn’t affect our choice rather it should drive us and push us to be better, to make the deceased proud, to do what they did want us to do if they were to be alive because if precautions are not taken it begins to define us if not destroyed.
  • Abstain from being Alone: It is natural to grieve in silence or to be left alone to have a sober reflection of the memories shared hidden at the corner of your heart but you have to start learning to join in the company of others once in a while this is to avoid isolation, to ensure that you are not being drifted away by the feeling of loneliness because with loneliness/isolation or abstinence from others when prolonged can lead to depression.
  • Finally, you have set a goal for yourself: Anything that you did put your hands into and you’re sure it brings happiness and sense of fulfillment to you, then do it, don’t mind if it seems silly to others because this will help you start afresh.