Sermons: Craig Smith – The Neverending Story

2021 Online Sermons, Craig Smith – The Neverending Story, Hello and good morning. So, buckle up. We’re wrapping up the Wonder series today, and I mentioned that what we’re looking at in the series is the overarching plot, which spans from the first page of scripture to the last page. So far, we’ve only gone over the first two pages of scripture.

So we’ve got a lot to cover today. Now, what we’re going to do this morning is leap to the end, and the reason for that is because the story in Scripture… see, the Bible isn’t a collection of stories, it’s not a collection of separate tales, it’s God’s one story that’s just going to unfold progressively as we go.

So we don’t have to go over every single detail, but we do want to get a sense of the big picture. As we move forward, I typically preach by working my way through a book, which you might call verse by verse or paragraph by paragraph teaching, and we’ll get a chance to start that next week, but I wanted to start my sorta tenure here as senior pastor with making sure that we’re all on the same page with the story, because any other study we do in God’s Word has to fit inside this bigger story.

God, thank you for this incredible story. Thank you for allowing us to participate in it. Thank you for this incredible gift. Help us to find the courage to stay in Your story and to find the good that we crave. Give us the courage to become participants in Your story in whatever ways You’re leading us to right now, in Jesus’ name, amen.