Youth Pastor Joshua Wesley: Girlfriend Age

Joshua Wesely, a German YouTuber and youth pastor, is facing a tremendous backlash online after a video of him celebrating his girlfriend’s 18th birthday went viral on Instagram. In an Instagram post, the pastor stated that he had been in a relationship with his now-wife since she was 14 years old. Disclaimer: The following content may not be appropriate for all readers. Viewers should use extreme caution.

On the internet, the YouTuber has not revealed his age. Reddit users such as GradSchoolDespair, on the other hand, believe the pastor is just 24 years old. He was born in 1998, according to his family’s blog. Christian youth pastors are frequently adults, adding validity to p*dophile allegations. Joshua Wesely’s YouTube channel has over 14k subscribers. Three months ago, he released his most recent video.

Netizens now accuse him of grooming the teenager and p*dophilia. Wesely declared on Instagram that his wife had “finally turned 18.” Isabelle Wesely, his now-wife, he described as his “best buddy for four years.” Despite the fact that the legal consent age in Germany is 14, many people were startled to find that the youngster had allegedly been groomed. Users on Twitter also pointed out that the couple’s third anniversary is on February 18, 2020. They got engaged on December 19, 2020, only one month after she turned 18 years old. They intend to marry in August 2021.

Video Credit: Sola Scriptura / Keith Thompson YouTube

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